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Check out our latest model for 2020. Mustang is a handmade carbon fiber ski. 
Its unique design allows the skier better performance due to its stability and power. Since the ski is more stable in turns skiers can pass the buoy more easily giving a smooth and light feeling.
Mustang is available in five sizes.
Ski like a pro with the new SP Mustang

   Price:    €1500

PRICE: €1500



ROBUST is a ski that is manufactured completely from carbon fiber material, and the core is made from PVC foam.

It has been developed so it can have speed, be stable when turning, and can keep the edge behind the waves, which gives space to the skier before the buoy.

The ski works at all speeds, and the skier is made to feel very comfortable. Also it has the ability to work the same on both slow and fast speeds, plus using either long or short ropes.

ROBUST is a very soft ski, but at the same time it is very quick because of the production to the underneath part of the ski.ROBUST can be manufactured, and the ski can be prepared to meet the needs of each skier, after a consultation with the manufacturer.

For somebody who wants a high quality ski, we believe ROBUST must be one of the options!



   Price:    €1500

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